King Cannons ‘Take The Rock’ Video

2 Dec

Check out the video for local rockers King Cannons new single ‘Take The Rock’. Front man Luke is looking mighty sharp in our ‘Bossman’ Gator Tooth Western!

The King Cannons road is long and winding, nearly 36 months veering through remote parts of rural NZ and the UK all the way to their current HQ: Melbourne, Australia. It’s a simple ethos that hasn’t changed since day one. Soul food. Six good friends coming together to create music crafted from their many different individual influences and inspirations. The result is ferocious. A constantly evolving, roots and punk based rock’n’roll sound with an unmistakable underlying political agenda, never give up. From Springsteen to The Clash. Chuck Berry to the ease of a Jamaican Sunday. King Cannons play with the live commitment of the MC5 before the outbreak of violent protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Its music for everyone who shares in that sentiment. King Cannons are undoubtedly best known for their live performance. Slick, not only in their look, but in their sound. King Cannons own the stage and the audience. Never afraid to tell it how it is with tracks such as Take The Rock, or to chill, and get introspective with numbers like Time To Yourself. It’s immediate and impacting, always on point, and exactly what you need to get you moving.

Australian Dates TBA.



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