Mondo Atomica! Cult sounds tonight at Ding Dong!

21 Jan

Head on down to Ding Dong Lounge tonight and experience an EXPLOSION of cult sounds from the Atomic age!…
Music for voodoo priests, pin-up gals, garage greasers, zoot-suited pachukos, alligator-shoed pimps and friday night dancers.

Join PBSFM spinners MOHAIR SLIM, RICHIE1250, PIERRE BARONI and KEN EAVEL in an ORGY of maracca-shaking exotica, lascivious tittyshakers, barbecue-pit blues, raucous R&B, southern-fried soul, boogaloo, sizzlin’ surf, rockabilly riots, ska ‘n’ rocksteady, swamp pop and 60’s beat!… Like some demented head-on crash of film soundtracks by Quentin Tarantino, Russ Meyer and John Waters.


60s sax giant JIMMIE SLOGGETT will play a honkin’ set! And… SIMONCEE PAGE JONES will do her WILD PANTHER DANCE!

It’s gonna be hot hot heat! See you there!


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