Diggin’ Melbourne, a tour guide for Vinyl lovers!

25 Mar

Not sure how we missed out on hearing about this last year… But we have come across it now and thought we better share it for those of you who also didn’t hear about Diggin’ Melbourne…

Melbourne has one of the largest number of vinyl record stores per head in the world – and now there’s a map to prove it!

Diggin’ Melbourne: a Tour Guide for Vinyl Record Lovers, a free map released last year on Australian Record Store Day (April 17), is a handy guide for LP lovers, pinpointing the location of 31 music retailers that still stock vinyl records. (Not mentioned on the map, but worth checking out are the newly opened stores: ‘Ritual’ Music and Books in North Fitzroy & Thornbury Records!)

Although considered by the mainstream industry to be an obsolete format, vinyl records continue to attract a strong cult following in Melbourne both among DJs and the music-buying public. In the inner city, a pair of vinyl turntables behind the bar is a ubiquitous fixture, while the sales of both new and second hand vinyl continue to flourish in a variety of specialist retail outlets, second hand markets and specialist record fairs.

As well as a map, Diggin’ Melbourne includes a run-down of each shop including genres and other formats stocked, contact details and opening hours. Some of this info isn’t entirely up to date as the map is a year old, but It’s still an amazing reference of record stores!

The project was conceived and pulled together by Chris Gill, owner of Northside Records in Fitzroy, with all stores contributing to costs of producing the map in the interests of promoting the Melbourne music scene.

The map is available from all participating record stores and is also available to download online at digginmelbourne.wordpress.com

While we’re on the subject of records! here are some more favorite pic’s of ours of chicks who dig vinyl! courtesy of lpcoverlover.com!

When you’re checking out number 27- the fine establishment known as GREVILLE RECORDS on the diggin’ Melbourne map, Be sure to visit us at the Route 66 garage over the road! We are still on sale this weekend! (Killer threads at a bargian price means more money for records right?)


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