Rare & lost photographs of Rock n’ Roll & Country music greats!

20 Jul

Between 1955 and 1960, popular Cleveland deejay Tommy Edwards photographed the parade of performers who passed through the WERE-AM radio studio for on-air interviews, shooting more than 1,700 Ektachrome slides. Following his death in 1981, most of the collection vanished and was presumed lost. The few images that remained were often reprinted and rarely credited to Edwards, labeled “Photographer Unknown.” Until now…

Discovered by musician Chris Kennedy in 2006, Tommy Edwards’s candid photographs capture the birth of rock ’n’ roll at its flashpoint: Elvis Presley while he was still dangerous; a raw and incomplete Chuck Berry before his star ascended; and some beady-eyed, high-voiced kid named Roy Orbison. It wasn’t just the architects of rock music whom Edwards had in his viewfinder. There were also pop and country music’s biggest stars, mysterious, unknown hopefuls, and vulnerable, deglamorized Hollywood celebrities. Edwards’s passion for photography immortalized hundreds of pioneers of rock ‘n’ roll and pop culture in a setting, the radio studio, that was often unseen. It’s a rare look behind a closed door.

Link Wray

The Big Bopper

Arlene Fontana

Malcolm Dodds

Elvis Presley

Doris Day

Bill Haley & Elvis Presley

Some fantastic pictures in this book, believe us… that was just a tiny preview! It’s available for purchase on amazon If you’re interested!

-Mr Kicks


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