About Us

Route 66 the original mother road that crosses America connecting the East to the West leaving the bleak behind to seek sunshine, fortune & fame.
After 6 months on the road in America’s heartland, the South West & Tex-Mex border, Tina Lowe & Ross Waddington felt compelled by the overwhelming inspiration of their journey to begin collecting treasures of Americana for their own store to o

pen in Melbourne. This became the Route 66 store you know and love today.1983 was the birth of Route 66, an introduction and education to Australians to buy classic American clothing. This changed the publics view on used clothing away from the Salvo’s & St Vincent De Paul into an understanding of buying cleaned, pressed, perfect quality classics. This paved the way for an encouraged lifestyle of anti-fashion, which created a community of characters. Also through Ross’s passion for American roots music, from pre-war blues to 60’s garage, drew in more like-minded people who helped create this iconic store.

In the summer of 1988 the decision was made to branch out and open a store in Sydney providing people an outlet in which they could find true classics. Locals now could buy their vintage boots, quality denim, pomades and unique clothing on the iconic Crown St strip.

A demand for bespoke & rare clothing from their growing fan base encouraged the Route 66 team to expand into their own line of classic clothing that drew upon vintage style & designs.
Their ethos is to stay true to the timeless garments from a bygone era. This means every Route 66 piece is a classic item that transcends age, status & gender.

In October 2011 sadness shocked the community with the announcement of Ross passing. This forced the eventual closure of the Melbourne stores & warehouse. His amazing spirit will always remain through countless generations of people he has influenced.
Route 66 Sydney has taken the reigns to provide high quality items they always have and are sticking kicking ass in Darlinghurst.

Keep updated through the Mr Kick’s blog https://mrkicks66.wordpress.com/, Facebook http://www.facebook.com/route66sydney and Instagram (@route66store).

If you’re in the neighbourhood drop into the Crown St store for a Coke & a poke around! There’s always more then what’s on the site in store.

Getcha’ kicks on Route 66!


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